Glen Turner running and zzzooming across America

Glen Turner has embarked on an inspiring running trek across America. PocketWizard is one of the sponsors for this trek, and is cheering on Glen as he makes his way across the nation.

Glen Turner

He is both running and “Zzzooming” He began on 2/18/08 at 9:28am PST on the Oceanside Pier in California and is currently en route!

I am blogging from inside the Zzzoomer. I know a lot of you are very curious about my sleeping arrangements. I will get some pics and video in the morning of the “sleeping capsule”. It is cozy that’s for sure but it is definitely nicer than a “bivy”.Today I found 60 cents and 2 cute little figures that I picked up. I spent $28.00 on food today. I eat well and even had cofee at Starbuck in Tesquelus ? CA. I met a lot of people whole were just fasinated by the Zzzoomer. I ask everyone to go to the website and sign my guestbook. I know few will, but I ove seeing the enrties.    

Check out his blog and website for all the latest updates. Go Glen!

Flickr Tag Cloud for “PocketWizard”

Flickr is a truly amazing photo-sharing site. A friend of ours sent a link to this tool from hivemind that shows the tag cloud for all images on Flickr tagged with “PocketWizard”. 

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Mark Wallace’s “Digital Photography One on One” Video Tutorials

Check out Mark Wallace of‘s informative video on how to set up a PocketWizard system:

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Austin Mann

We stumbled across this image by Austin Mann, a PocketWizard user.

We went out to Cameron Park this weekend to go mountain biking and I decided to to take some of my gear out to shoot a bit. This is my former room mate and friend Jonathan. To light him, I used a Canon 580EX on screen right, with a softbox umbrella mounted on a super compact manfrotto stand fired by a PocketWizard. On screen left, about 20 feet behind Jonathan, I have another 580EX II, on zoom at 105mm, mounted on another manfrotto stand, fired by a PocketWizard. Shot this with the 24-105. 

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Rich Legg photographs in private jet with PocketWizard


The lighting for the scene was pretty straightforward. I wanted to create a look that made it appear that the plane was flying. To do so, very bright windows were the key. I placed large softboxes on both sides of the plane to light the windows, then used a small softbox above and behind my camera position for fill light. All of the lights were synced with Pocketwizard radios. 

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USA Today photographer Robert Hanashiro uses PocketWizard MultiMAX at 30fps to shoot Barry Bonds home run record swing

Robert Hanashiro of USA today used PocketWizard MultiMAX to shoot at a blazing 30fps with three Canon EOS-1D Mark II DSLRs while recording Barry Bonds’ record-breaking home-run swing, plus crossing home plate. Check out this cool video from YouTube.

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