Glen Turner running and zzzooming across America

Glen Turner has embarked on an inspiring running trek across America. PocketWizard is one of the sponsors for this trek, and is cheering on Glen as he makes his way across the nation.

Glen Turner

He is both running and “Zzzooming” He began on 2/18/08 at 9:28am PST on the Oceanside Pier in California and is currently en route!

I am blogging from inside the Zzzoomer. I know a lot of you are very curious about my sleeping arrangements. I will get some pics and video in the morning of the “sleeping capsule”. It is cozy that’s for sure but it is definitely nicer than a “bivy”.Today I found 60 cents and 2 cute little figures that I picked up. I spent $28.00 on food today. I eat well and even had cofee at Starbuck in Tesquelus ? CA. I met a lot of people whole were just fasinated by the Zzzoomer. I ask everyone to go to the website and sign my guestbook. I know few will, but I ove seeing the enrties.    

Check out his blog and website for all the latest updates. Go Glen!

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