Mark Wallace’s “Digital Photography One on One” Video Tutorials

Check out Mark Wallace of‘s informative video on how to set up a PocketWizard system:

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  1. I recently purchase the Sekonic L-758DR and watch the video and took some test shots in regular ambient light with meter and set my camera (CANON 5D MARK II) to same settings on meter. However when I check pictures in LCD monitor they are overexpose. Do I need to calibrate my meter to these camera and if yes how do I do that? Any ensight will help from the experts. Thank you very much.

  2. The short answer is, Yes. While all photographic metering systems (camera and handheld meters) are calibrated to produce a proper exposure when measuring a middle tone, for reflected light measurements, or in the case of an incident light measurement, when held in the same light that is falling on the subject, every camera and meter company has a different idea of what “middle” is. A quick way is to shoot an evenly illuminated tone, 18% gray card works well, using the camera’s spot meter, the L-758 spot meter and a third reading using settings obtained when holding the incident meter in front of the card. Check all three in Photoshop using the camera as the standard. Determine the difference in readings. Then refer to page 37 in the L-758 manual to calibrate the meter for the difference. This process can also be automated using Sekonic’s optional exposure targets. See for the video about using the DTS system.

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