Bruce Bennett’s Hat Trick

You think hockey is a brutal sport? How would you like to be the photographer assigned to shoot from inside the goal net? The object is to take exciting images as two (or more) warriors battle it out in the hopes of scoring a goal. It turns out this is one of the most saleable images of hockey coverage.

What do you mean you don’t want to go into the goal net? What did the referee say when you tried? Grin. Of course you can’t go there, but your PocketWizard can. Just ask veteran sports shooter Bruce Bennett of Getty Images.

He packages up his Canon 5D and 15mm lens along with the PW inside a protective box. The rig is outfitted with a “stay awake” cable so there will be no lost time in firing the first frame. Then Bruce goes back to his regular shooting position and goes to work with, say, the 300mm lens, switching to the Pocket Wizard when the net action gets hot. Read the whole story at

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