Craig Mitchelldyer’s Footswitch Sports Portraits

Talented sports shooter Criaig Mitchelldyer writes in his blog,

Today was ‘Media Day’ for the Portland Beavers, the AAA team for the San Diego Padres. Every year I shoot mugs and some portraits for the team for the program covers, etc. Every year I’m running around like a freak trying to grab different people for different photos, so this year I decided to setup a remote camera and a ring light and setup a station for the guys to shoot their own photos while I was doing other things. I hooked up a Pocket Wizard (sic) to a foot switch, so they just sat down, made whatever face and hit the foot switch. Here are a couple of my favs. 

Hey Craig, how does it feel to be a sharpshooter even when you’re not looking through the finder?
To see some more of his work check out

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  1. […] over at PocketWizard liked my Beavers ring light photos and mentioned me on their blog yesterday (here). I thought that was pretty cool. E-mail This […]

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