It seems like Rocket Science but it’s just fun.

University of Denver graduate Justin Curtis Edmonds doesn’t have a job yet but he’s got some clever photographs of graduation, thanks to the ubiquitous Pocket Wizard. In his words, “I also had a camera in my hands with a Pocket Wizard so that I could fire either camera or the arena strobes from my seat. My friends and the other graduates around me were in awe of the setup that I had going and were completely astonished that I knew how to do all of that. It may seem like rocket science to others but it’s just fun to me. I made sure to get some good images of all my friends with the remotes and as soon as Facebook’s photo up-loader decides that it is going to work again they will all be able to see them.” See for the complete story. Incidentally, Justin, we’ll follow your career. You will surely have as much fun as a professional photographer.

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