Lighting and Posing Seminar with Hanson Fong and John Woodward

PocketWizard is proudly sponsoring the “Beauty and the Beast” seminar tour with portrait and lighting superstars Hanson Fong and John Woodward. At only $59.95, we think this is a real deal for an all-day seminar. Plus, you get to see PocketWizard in action ūüėČ We like that, too.¬†

First date on this 6-city tour is Secaucus, NJ on August 18. We hear seats are selling out fast, so sign up quickly!

Program highlights include:
Lighting Ratio Demonstrations
Metering Techniques
The Art of Posing Family Groups
The Wheel of Self-Assessment
Compositional Study Guide
Facial Analysis
Portrait, Glamour and Modified
Glamour Lighting Forms
Digital and The Power of Raw
Color Management and its Importance
10 Basic Poses
Flow Posing

Behind the Scenes with Jack Reznicki: Remote Camera Triggering

We dropped by Jack Reznicki‘s studio with a camera crew. Wow! First off, it was really fun to watch Jack work. He is amazing when it comes to kids, and you should see him shoot his other commercial work! No wonder he counts former President of PPA among his many accomplishments.

Over on the main site, we have a higher-quality version of this video, plus a great how-to explanation of the same remote camera triggering setup. Link

A Journey Of A Thousand Miles‚Ķ

photo by Zack Arias

‚Ķbegins with a single step. Atlanta-based photographer Zack Arias started out to be a photographer but instead ended up heavily in debt, nearly ruining his family. So he took a steady ‚Äúday job‚ÄĚ and two years later, like the Phoenix, rose out of the ashes and made a successful go of it this time.¬† Besides running a successful photo business centered around the music industry, he runs a unique workshop on ‚Äúminimalist photography‚ÄĚ that‚Äôs sold out months in advance. We ran across him on Flickr¬†with an amazing photo, showing his strobe going off (via Pocket Wizard, of course) a looong way off, up in Alaska in the Chugach Range. Check it out!

Contest: Going Wireless with Strobist and PocketWizard

By now you all must know that David Hobby over at Strobist is not only a talented photographer, but also a generous educator. We’re excited to join forces with David to offer this exciting contest! Here’s the deets:

Once a month, one free pair of PW Plus II Transceivers will be awarded to the best video on YouTube of a photo shoot detailing creative use of wireless triggering. Video can be live video or, a series of still photos with voiceover and clear explanation of how wireless triggering was used.


Creativity with wireless triggering is key to this contest. Show us your best, most creative use of going wireless with radio triggering. And detail, detail, detail! Explain your setup well so everyone can understand what it took to make your vision come alive.

All videos must be tagged “pocketwizardstrobist” to qualify. The judging panel will be David Hobby of Strobist and Phil Bradon from PocketWizard.

In addition, photos may also uploaded to Flickr tagged “pocketwizardstrobist” with link to the YouTube video in the description.

The contest runs mid-July through end of November. Winners will be announced on the 15th of each month, beginning in August.

EDIT: Feel free to leave a link to your video as a comment to this post. Also, we’ve seen great use of YouTube’s video annotations to point out gear use and positioning – great idea! Don’t forget you can always rent wireless gear if you don’t own it yet.

Good luck! Let’s her those shutters clicking. Go wireless! Read more at

A Day at the Beach

Photographer Randall Grant¬†photographed¬†Jessica Gomez on location using PocketWizard at the Dead Sea in Israel for Sports Illustrated’s 2008 Swimsuit Edition.

Links: SI website, Photos from this shoot