Contest: Going Wireless with Strobist and PocketWizard

By now you all must know that David Hobby over at Strobist is not only a talented photographer, but also a generous educator. We’re excited to join forces with David to offer this exciting contest! Here’s the deets:

Once a month, one free pair of PW Plus II Transceivers will be awarded to the best video on YouTube of a photo shoot detailing creative use of wireless triggering. Video can be live video or, a series of still photos with voiceover and clear explanation of how wireless triggering was used.


Creativity with wireless triggering is key to this contest. Show us your best, most creative use of going wireless with radio triggering. And detail, detail, detail! Explain your setup well so everyone can understand what it took to make your vision come alive.

All videos must be tagged “pocketwizardstrobist” to qualify. The judging panel will be David Hobby of Strobist and Phil Bradon from PocketWizard.

In addition, photos may also uploaded to Flickr tagged “pocketwizardstrobist” with link to the YouTube video in the description.

The contest runs mid-July through end of November. Winners will be announced on the 15th of each month, beginning in August.

EDIT: Feel free to leave a link to your video as a comment to this post. Also, we’ve seen great use of YouTube’s video annotations to point out gear use and positioning – great idea! Don’t forget you can always rent wireless gear if you don’t own it yet.

Good luck! Let’s her those shutters clicking. Go wireless! Read more at

22 Responses

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  2. Watch as Darren Mahuron, owner and photographer of Summit Studios shoots the “Coexist Campaign” for the city of Fort Collins using Pocket Wizards.

  3. So since I can’t afford to buy a pair and therefore need to win a pair where do I get a pair to make this video? Can you loan me a pair? :O) Oh yeah I need a sweet video camera too.

  4. Here is a link to a wireless flash video:


    -patrick cavan brown

  5. @ brando: No problem! “Going Wireless” doesn’t necessarily mean “Radio Trigger” – creative interpretation of that idea also scores big points. You can also borrow or rent, too 🙂

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  7. Here’s mine!
    Just for the contest =) (Really good motivation to do a little tutorial)

    Enjoy! :

    Links and other photos will be posted up on my new blog at

  8. […] Hobby *sighhhh* (Strobist) and the guys that make PocketWizards got together and decided to throw a contest, and since my PovertyWizard has been crapping up on me lately, I decided to borrow a mic and make a […]

  9. HI 🙂

    Here’s my video: Hope you’ll like it:

    best regards,

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  14. here is my video entry:


  15. here is my video entry I hope it’s not to sad

  16. Hi, here is my video entry:

    Great contest

  17. Please check out my entry:


  18. Yo PW

    Here’s mine all the way from New Zealand! Enjoy, and say no to plastic bags!


  19. Because there’s no time like the present:


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