Going Wireless Contest: 1st Month Winner

We’re happy to announce the first winner of the PocketWizard and Strobist “Going Wireless” contest:

Ryan Allan Skateboard Behind The Scenes Shoot

Ryan gets a pair of PocketWizard Plus II Transceivers! Congrats 🙂

EDIT: See the final shot here.

We could not stop watching this video. Seriously. Outside of the obviously pro-quality videography, Ryan made great use of YouTube’s annotations to detail the behind-the-scenes tech notes (thumbs up!), plus the final shot was included in the end. Excellent way to follow the contest rules, Ryan. We dig.

It is essential to mention at this point that there are MANY awesome video entries on YouTube, and those of you who worked hard to submit for this contest are still eligible for next month’s drawing. Keep in mind that following the rules/guidelines for the contest score big points in judging.

* Creativity
* Detail the process (in-video text, in-person explanation, dub or via annotations)
* Tagged “pocketwizardstrobist” on YouTube
NOTE: making a beautiful video is NOT requisite for winning!

Additionally, we’d like to point out some there are other extraordinary videos that deserve a look (and perhaps could win in future months… you never know!). link. Some really cool videos came in right as we buttoned up the judging, so if you’re thinking about making your own, be sure browse all the current submissions. You are all very creative! Great stuff – keep ’em coming – you are all awesome.

Holy Surfboard, Batman…

©Mike Mijangos

It’s bad enough when a photographer lives in Hawaii. It’s even worse when that photographer gets to photograph beautiful people in beautiful settings. Heck, most of us would pay good money to be in his shoes, especially when he’s taking surfing pictures with an underwater camera, an assistant holding waterproof strobes and waterproofed PocketWizards!
Well, enough suspense. Who are we talking about, and why are we talking about him? The name of the company is MangoTree Photography, founded by owner Mike Mijangos. (Is that Hawaiian for Mango?). He is a wedding and portrait photographer based on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii. Mike and his beautiful wife Me-Shell have worked with some of the most creative and fun couples from around the world. Check out Mike and Me-Shell’s work at http://mangotreephoto.typepad.com/mangotreephotography/2008/07/more-new-camera-gear.html

PocketWizard at High Cascades Photo Workshop

If you want to be a snowboard photographer, there is no better place in the world then High Cascades Photo Workshop, held on the slopes of Mt. Hood July 28th to August 2nd.

This year PocketWizard teamed up with the camp to hold the first ever PocketWizard/High Cascades Photo Competition where students submitted their best shot from the weeks photo sessions. The top two images won a pair of PocketWizards.

Jon Herre’s image of a rider on a backlit rail 

©Jon Herre

and Kevin Heitczman’s fill light hand plant top the prizes this year.

 ©Kevin Heitczman

A few more photos are here.

Special Thanks to Kevin English at High Cascades and Trevor Graves at Nemo Design.