PocketWizard at High Cascades Photo Workshop

If you want to be a snowboard photographer, there is no better place in the world then High Cascades Photo Workshop, held on the slopes of Mt. Hood July 28th to August 2nd.

This year PocketWizard teamed up with the camp to hold the first ever PocketWizard/High Cascades Photo Competition where students submitted their best shot from the weeks photo sessions. The top two images won a pair of PocketWizards.

Jon Herre’s image of a rider on a backlit rail 

©Jon Herre

and Kevin Heitczman’s fill light hand plant top the prizes this year.

 ©Kevin Heitczman

A few more photos are here.

Special Thanks to Kevin English at High Cascades and Trevor Graves at Nemo Design.

4 Responses

  1. This is a cruel post. I miss the snow so much, and that looks like an awesome workshop. Maybe it’s best that I couldn’t go, I would be constantly torn which of my two loves I should be doing at each moment.

  2. Don’t we know it! Some of us bloggers don’t get out to hit the slopes, either 😉

  3. […] PocketWizard put up a cool blog post about the HCSC Photo Camp. Check it out here… […]

  4. Interesting how many folks are using my company name High Cascades Photography for their own events, workshops, etc.

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