Live from Photokina 2008

It’s day four at Photokina in Cologne, Germany and ground hog syndrome has set-in with two more days to go.  Photokina, for the uninitiated, is the world’s largest photo show.  There is more photo gear then anyone could comprehend.  There is no chance that one person could see the entire show which spans a dozen massive halls.  

For PocketWizard, it is our first time exhibiting by ourselves and it’s been amazing interacting with photographers around the world, both current users and those that have only heard about us. More then 150,000 visitors come to the show and a good chunk of them have stopped by the PocketWizard booth.

After three days, the music in the neighboring booth is forever imbedded into our heads, as it the voice of our own Lorenzo from the product demo video on constant rotation only to be interrupted by his live demonstrations.  For the rest of the show it will be an endurance test until we finally get on the plane to head home.  Hopefully we can get out of the booth for more then two minutes to check out some of the other stuff around the show. –Dave Schmidt

Interview with Going Wireless Contest Winner Ryan Allan

After rewarding Ryan with his Plus II’s, we wanted to get to know him a little better. So, we gave Ryan ( a ring and here’s what he had to say:

Q:  Here we are talking to Ryan Allan, who’s won the first PocketWizard video contest.  Hi Ryan, how are you doing?

A:  I’m doing great, and thanks for the PocketWizard.

Q:  Great.  Hope you use them in good health, as they say.  Tell us a little bit about where you’re located and what kind of photography you do and some of the basic details.

A:  I’m located in Southern California, I mainly shoot skateboard and skateboarding lifestyle, which basically means I go out and hop a lot of fences and climb around a lot of schoolyards, ditches and back alleys for a living and I originally am from Toronto, Canada and after a few years of struggling trying to make it as a skateboard photographer out there I realized that you need to be where the action is. So I moved to California and here I am.  Shooting full-time. (read the rest after the jump)

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Pretty Soon the Bears Will be Taking Our Pictures!

Ron Nabity, and his wife Laura, have a great habit when they go on vacation. At least once during each trip, they make a dramatic picture of themselves against a scenic background. Now Ron, being a professional portrait and wedding photographer from Sacramento, CA knows a lot more about photography than your average tourista. Also, he’s a regular viewer of David Hobby’s site. So, put two and two together and let’s go to the videotape, and see how he did it. Fun! 


Roswell, New Mexico, September 15th… Going Wireless Contest: 2nd Winner

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s True

A photographer was seen walking down the street with a backpack. Clamped on to the backpack were various pipes, more clamps and an umbrella. Into the umbrella there was a small strobe, triggered by a PocketWizard. Jesse Rosten, the photographer, had cobbled the idea together just to win the 2nd monthly PW video contest.  And he won! 


Congratulations, Jesse. The ingenious rig enabled him to hand hold camera and light, a la Strobist, anywhere he walked. Just amazing. You can see his other talents (director, motion graphics designer and still photographer) on his web site at and blog. The amazing thing is there are hundreds of photographers from Roswell, New Mexico, using the same lighting setup. One even has eight strobes and umbrellas mounted in a circle! And, he’s getting on a spaceship.
© Jesse Rosten

© Jesse Rosten

Frankly, we’d rather be using Daguerreotypes and flash powder…

© Vincent LaForet

Every once and a while a photographer comes along who boggles the mind in terms of artistic ability, commercial success and industry accomplishments. Vincent Laforet is one of them, and if you go to Vincent LaForet’s blog you’ll see what we’re talking about. No grass growing under his feet, as mom used to say.

Vincent recently traipsed off to Beijing, along with a few thousand other photographers, to cover the Olympics. If you think any shooter snuck off to a unique viewpoint, take a look at the results. How did we do it before PocketWizard? Or, imagine if photographers were like those of yesteryear and didn’t play well with others. Thankfully, times have changed.

via Strobist, where David remarks:

Finally, in case you haven’t seen it yet: Vincent Laforet takes a video stroll through Pocket Wizard heaven at the finish line of the 100m sprint at the Olympics. (Patrick Smith, if you are reading this from a public computer, you might want to put a pillow over your lap before you watch it…)

Great sports shots are all about perspective, perspective and perspective

© Keith Pytlinski

© Keith Pytlinski

If you don’t believe it go to and see Keith Pytlinski’s dynamite work. He conveys action by making the viewer believe he or she is in a unique position i.e. Riding on a bike, inches from the tire or on the ground as a skateboard rushes by. Of course, the ubiquitous PocketWizard helps him, either in triggering the camera or strobes. Get down, Keith! Or up, or sideways….LOL

You can also check out Keith’s Flickr stream.