Live from Photokina 2008

It’s day four at Photokina in Cologne, Germany and ground hog syndrome has set-in with two more days to go.  Photokina, for the uninitiated, is the world’s largest photo show.  There is more photo gear then anyone could comprehend.  There is no chance that one person could see the entire show which spans a dozen massive halls.  

For PocketWizard, it is our first time exhibiting by ourselves and it’s been amazing interacting with photographers around the world, both current users and those that have only heard about us. More then 150,000 visitors come to the show and a good chunk of them have stopped by the PocketWizard booth.

After three days, the music in the neighboring booth is forever imbedded into our heads, as it the voice of our own Lorenzo from the product demo video on constant rotation only to be interrupted by his live demonstrations.  For the rest of the show it will be an endurance test until we finally get on the plane to head home.  Hopefully we can get out of the booth for more then two minutes to check out some of the other stuff around the show. –Dave Schmidt

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