And You Thought Mozart was a Multi-Tasker? Going Wireless Contest: 3rd Winner

Well, meet Danish Puthan Valiyandi. His two German-based companies, DanishPV and, lists him as director, digital artist,  cinematographer and photographer. Whew! We get tired just thinking about all those tasks, let alone accomplishing them. One look at his websites, though, says very quickly what an incredibly talented man he is. Well, this month he put his talents to work winning the monthly PocketWizard video contest. Guess who he used as director, digital artist,  cinematographer and photographer? We didn’t think we’d have to tell you. Sehr gut! 

2 Responses

  1. Hey,
    thanks so much. I’m very happy to see that we’ve won this month 🙂
    Indeed, Puthan Valiyandi is the surname of me, Danish, and my brother Priyesh.
    Our names often lead to confusions *lol* but as we almost always work together it’s ok to see us as one person XD

    So, I’ll have to share the pocketwizards with my brother…
    Just like in our childhood as I always had to share my toys with him ;D

    My best regards,
    Danish Puthan Valiyandi

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