It’s Enough to Make You a Vegetarian


© Justin Sullivan

© Justin Sullivan

San Francisco-based photojournalist Justin Sullivan recounts a fairly hilarious meetup with some local Gobblers. Sara Palin, take note, Justin gets down and dirty with these birds and knows exactly what is going to happen. Admitting that the turkeys are “not the sharpest knives in the drawer” (ouch, imagine how that double entendre will hurt their feelings), Justin has both humorous comments and fascinating photographs to enjoy, and explains how his PocketWizard helps out. Happy Thanksgiving!

Going Wireless Contest: 4th Winner

And the winner is… Jerry Vo

His website is (We don’t know if he has vanity plates with the same cute word play, but he obviously should.) Jerry took his model, ifer (pronounced if-er) to an abandoned brick factory. What they found was a fantastic assortment of backgrounds with which to work. Then, to get even more f8full (sorry) they dripped, threw and spattered paint all over ifer and the walls behind her. The highlight of the shoot was when they found an abandoned canoe (a what?) floating in a pool inside the factory. Jerry used Cactus triggers (see, we’re not prejudiced) and the final photos and video are outstanding.

Flickr Set of all the photos
Jerry’s Photo Portfolio
ifer’s model portfolio


Kevin Eddy got himself into the NM Penitentiary, but alas, it was abandoned. What’s a photographer to do? Well, in Kevin’s case he pulled out his trusty strobe with a PocketWizard attached and set up a downright eerie shot . On the Flickr site, you’ll also see how other photographers rated the shot (a ten out of ten, it seems). Check it out here. Well done!

Turning up the Heat

The Sun-Sentinel, a Florida newspaper, not only has a great staff of photojournalists but a fun, educational blog. It’s latest entry is by Jim Rassol, who after 21 months of covering the election deserves a break — any kind of break — and one of his first was sports. It was Halloween night and Rookie Michael Beasley was having a little fun wearing a Batman mouthpiece during the Heat’s home opener against the Sacramento Kings. Jim used the ubiquitous PocketWizard, taped with his strobe to a courtside seat, to get an awesome shot of Dwayne Wade. You can find out more about Jim and his colleagues here.

Lessee, toothbrush, shampoo, comb, PocketWizards

Every day we receive news alerts about photographers and their PocketWizards. So much so that is seems worth mentioning, when packing your gear are PW’s always on the list? Well, San Diego-based  photographer Aaron Dressin, besides showing us really terrific work, has a shot of what he packs for a typical assignment.  Of particular note is what he has done to help solve an alarmingly high drop out rate among Latino students. Check it out, too.