It’s that Time of Year…

©Mark Rebilas 


©Mark Rebilas


You know, best songs of 2008, best books of 2008, best….whatever. Mark Rebilas, no stranger to the PocketWizard blog, has put together “Best Random Sports Photos of 2008” and they’re creative, powerful and even funny. Not all the photos needed remote control of camera or strobe, but it’s well worth the visit noneteless.


Happy Holidays!

Going Wireless: 5th and Final Winner


Most swimming photography is divided into two categories: those that use flash on camera and those who shoot available light. Belgium-based photographer going by the blog (en Francaise, naturellement) name “Haristobald”  (EDIT: a.k.a Martin Boland) approached it differently, creatively and produced a hot video showing precisely how he made the images. To boil it down to its most basic description, he used two off-camera strobes and a black background. The lighting is dramatic and so are the photos. Check it out

Watch parts 2 & 3 of the video on his blog.

Deep thanks to every single enthusiastic photographer out there! You are all stars in our book. You made 76 videos during the contest, and your creativity and passion are applauded by us. Thank you all for sharing and participating. Choosing was a very hard process and so many more of you deserve some recognition for your efforts. So, look forward to some post-contest features from other outstanding efforts.

We’d also like to extend deep thanks to David Hobby at Strobist. His passion for teaching, photography and sharing is something in which we are honored to participate with this contest.

Professional Photographers Get Warm and Fuzzy Around the Holidays, Too…

Holiday time is traditionally the time of year when families send photographs of themselves to their loved ones. But, hey, what about professional photographers? 

Tuscon-based pro Spencer Boerup, himself no slouch when it comes to a wide range of subject matter (weddings, commercial, portraits and architecture, to name a few) decided that too much time had passed since their own family portrait. So off they went in search of a picturesque background and thanks to PocketWizard technology, pulled off an absolutely beautiful shot. Take a look here.