Gnarly, dude…

John Burgess, photographer for the Santa Rosa, CA Press Democrat, was assigned to photograph Joel Peterson of Ravenswood Winery. John had photographed Mr. Peterson ten years earlier, but wanted a very different kind of shot this time. Thanks to his unique vision and a pair of PocketWizards, he pulled off covering the “Zen of Zin” (as he calls Mr. Peterson) in magnificent style, and a great back story you can read here.

Scarlett Lillian and PocketWizard are Going to Vegas

…on what goes on in Vegas will definitely not stay in Vegas thanks to our blogs. 🙂 Scarlett’s Monday night workshop (thankfully football season is over) is nearly full. Way to go Scarlett! Good luck with the workshop and the contest. PocketWizard is proud to be your partner.

Of Politics, Lighting, Teaching and Emotion…

Chicago-based shooter Guy Rhodes has graced the PW blog before, but this time he has a different story to tell. Besides using PocketWizards, Guy takes you through a careful tutorial of how he set up the shot, experimenting and testing as he went along. The most significant writing, however, comes at the end, so even if you’re not a techie make sure you read the last paragraph. 


Uh, Officer, there must be something wrong with your radar…

…I couldn’t have been going 257 mph. Well, yes, actually I was, and how about I snap your picture?

Photographer Mike Maez documented the event in Utah that eventually made the Guinness Book of Records. And yes, he did snap the officer’s photo, since the officer was kind enough to close a few roads, enabling the Shelby Super Car Aero to set the record. For the beauty shot, the SW-based photographer used PW’s, held by the best light stands (the human kind). Mike has been passionate about cars since he was young, so it didn’t take long before he became completely engulfed in trying to capture the perfect combination of speed, angle, smoke and style in his photographs.


See you in the funny papers!


A funny comic strip crossed our desk this morning, one that we’ve enjoyed for some time now. It’s called “What the Duck” and it’s about two ducks who happen to be photographers (or is it the other way ‘round?). Aaron Johnson is to blame for What the Duck. According to Aaron, “WTD originated as a ‘blog filler’ for the vacationing Carol Kroll and has since continued at the demand of tens of people.”


Now you know what to do with all that left-over candy from the holidays!

Great music! Great photography! Beautiful sunglasses! Delicious candy! Now that’s a combination any PocketWizard user will appreciate. Louise Chin and Ignacio Aronovich run a company down in Brazil called “Lost Art,” dedicated to selling photographs, illustrations and stories for editorial and advertising use. 

They recently got together to photograph the sunglass company called “Chilli Beans” and the band “Vive la Fete.”  The candy was used instead of water, filling a bathtub and surrounding a model; the behind-the-scenes video is an absolute blast! Check it out and be careful — a lot of our office music aficionados have a new fave. Here are the photos.


The details, the possibilities! (podcast)


Bill Crawford and Ed Hidden of interviewed Phil Bradon, Product Marketing Manager for PocketWizard on their popular and informative podcast LightSource.

Learn more about:
History of Pocket Wizard

Custom radio channels for triggering
Current Models:
Pocket Wizard Plus II
$25 Rebate on the Plus II until Feb 2009
Using Pocket Wizard to trigger your camera
Pocket MultiMAX
Setting delay time for flash triggering
New cords for remote power control
Using zones for advanced triggering
How the Pocket Wizard frequency was selected
Difference between US and European models
Battery Life
Channels for use in large crowds

Listen and download here or subscribe in iTunes.

Happy New Year to Strobist’s Brand of _eer-to-_eer Learning

It’s no secret that Strobist has set some sort of new standard for beer-to-beer learning. Oh no, wait. Sorry, we read that wrong. It’s actually peer-to-peer learning. Ahhh. Now, that makes sense. Guess that New Year’s Eve party was a little over the top. Here the Strobistmeister admits to putting his feet up on the desk, planning the New Year and reflecting the old one. And since PocketWizard was elected “Miss July” and we remember setting off firecrackers when we first read about it, perhaps we’re doing a public service mentioning the coolest PW lesson of the year. Pass the peer, please.


Peace and Happiness for 2009.