Mark Rebilas Goes to Daytona, Misses Prom…

Sports shooter Mark Rebilas, who has visited our blog from time to time, described the recent Daytona 500 thusly: “About as exciting as a prom date with your sister.”

© Mark Rebilas

© Mark Rebilas

Well, at PocketWizard right now we’re all caught up with the excitement of the new Mini/Flex system but we certainly don’t want to ignore the hard-working, dedicated photographers like Mark who not only have to work long hours but sometimes have to do it with the flu and bronchitis. The good news? The new system works with all your existing PW’s. Scroll down in Mark’s blog to see how he set up the remote cameras and how it translates into pix his editors appreciate.


©Mark Rebilas

©Mark Rebilas

News Bulletin…We Interrupt This Program To Bring You….

No soon as we hit the “publish” button linking Mark Rebelas Daytona 500 story to this blog, PW user Chris Jones gave us a heads up to Mark’s recent airplane adventure. Lots of info, fun video and great testimony about PocketWizard giving photographers the opportunity to see the world from different perspectives. Now, back to our regularly scheduled blog…

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