Kevin Jairaj Video: “I Tell You, I Could Love These Things!”

Kevin Jairaj wins more awards than our cat has fleas, and he tours the country, speaking on a seemingly non-stop schedule. You’d think he was a politician. But, no, he’s better than that. He’s one of the finest wedding photographers doing local (Dallas, TX) and international destination weddings today. At WPPI this year, Kevin was, in his words, “we were kinda’ just running and gunning – shooting with some cool backgrounds and a girl and we got some really cool stuff” [thanks, reader Danno!] His secret? PocketWizard MiniTT1 and FlexTT5. Find out how here and see the beautiful results. See more at

David Guy Maynard Video: “Oh my…smokin!”

We hope David Guy Maynard would react when forced to photograph stunning Jamillette Gaxiola (Miss Cuba 2009) at this year’s WPPI show in Las Vegas. But if you view the video (below) of David putting the new Mini/Flex system through the paces, you understand why. “The blacks are coming out,” he says. “Dark hair. Dark clothes. Under a canopy in a rainstorm in full e-TTL. That is what TTL is supposed to give me!” David is an award-winning, internationally published photographer who also holds seminars in Studio and Location Lighting, Color Management and Workflow. Check it out and see David work magic with PocketWizard TTL! More at

Charles Maring Video: Game Changers Are Rare But Real

 Legends behind the lens Charles and Jennifer Maring photograph a limited number of weddings each year all over the world, based primarily by referral. Among the most awarded photographers, their style received international acclaim and has gained quite a celebrity following. Portrait and wedding commissions include notables as Donald and Melania Trump, Tom Clancy, Star Jones, David Tutera and even Walt Disney World for their most lavish events. So when Charles volunteered to be the subject, showing how HyperSync has changed the game for him, we were all eyes — and ears. Out came the video camera and here are the results. Game, set and match! All changed, thanks to PocketWizard’s Mini and Flex.

“Uh, Houston? We Are Ready for Re-Entry…”

Charles Maring at WPPI ©Dave Schmidt

It’s not easy launching a new product. Does it satisfy our customers’ needs? Is the box the right color? What about our dealers in Nome, Alaska, can we get them product in time? These are just a few questions going through a product manager’s mind before a product launch. Such was the case with PocketWizard’s new Mini/Flex System. On Monday morning, February 16, we took the wraps off the new system at the 2009 WPPI Convention. Gagasville. What, you’ve never heard of Gagasville? That’s where photographers go when they go ga-ga. Now, we really had our work cut out for us. Fast forward to today and let’s bring you up to date as we prepare to re-enter the earth’s atmosphere. Mini, Flex…you rock!

Hanson Fong Video: From Classic to “Run And Gun” to Documentary…

…Hanson Fong and the new PocketWizard Mini/Flex system can handle it all! San Francisco-based wedding and portrait photographer Hanson Fong goes in front of the camera to clearly explain how the new PocketWizard system is perfect for weddings, where one minute you may be using classic portrait lighting but a minute later chasing the bride and groom like a paparazzi. And, of course, you’re not allowed paparazzi on-camera lighting. Hanson’s results are beautiful, of course, and so will yours if you follow his advice.

EDIT: Learn more about the shoot on our website.

Strength in Numbers

Atlanta-based wedding photographer Hassel Weems, together with his wife Bene’, operate one of Atlanta’s more successful and growing wedding and portrait studios. At the recent WPPI convention, where PocketWizard introduced its new Mini/Flex series, it was clearly apparent this segment of the industry is still healthy and strong. Hassel, like many W&P photographers, uses PocketWizards for both strobe as well as camera triggering. As evident in his portfolio, he clamps extra cameras up high in church balconies, outdoors in trees or virtually anywhere there’s a creative opportunity check out these examples. Hear Hassel and Bene’ talk about their work on their web site.

PocketWizard Podcasts: Hassel Weems (MP3)

PocketWizard Flight #17 Now Departing…

Throughout history, photographers have tried all sorts of methods to achieve high-angle photos. 

For really high work, nothing beats a helicopter or small plane with the door off. With a good pilot, a photographer can get pretty much anything he or she desires. Less high perspectives have been achieved from powered hang gliders, remote controlled drones or even kites. When we get down to the 0-75 foot range, however, the normal way of doing things is to rent a high-lift. Either hydraulic or electric powered, it’s not an easy task to get it to the shooting site, set it up, and operate it (or have a professional operate it while you hang on for dear life). 

Wouldn’t it be great to have a tripod that went up 75-feet? It’s actually a reality, as you can see here. Not exactly the sort of thing you strap to your knapsack, but a lot less damaging to the environment than a low-flying helicopter. Frank Siteman, Winchester, MA-based photographer, offers a unique service with the “Luskapod” (our nomenclature). A key element in this set-up, as you can see, is the ubiquitous PocketWizard, to trigger the camera from terra firma. Nice!

March Madness™ is Nothing Compared to Backboard Madness…

© Daniel Berman

Seattle-based photographer Daniel Berman specializes in news, sports, portraits and music. When it comes to sports, however, he does like many pros do and mounts a camera atop the backboard, except in this case he’s given us a wonderful set of illustrated instructions on how to approach and solve the problem. Thanks, Daniel, and keep up the great work!