“Uh, Houston? We Are Ready for Re-Entry…”

Charles Maring at WPPI ©Dave Schmidt

It’s not easy launching a new product. Does it satisfy our customers’ needs? Is the box the right color? What about our dealers in Nome, Alaska, can we get them product in time? These are just a few questions going through a product manager’s mind before a product launch. Such was the case with PocketWizard’s new Mini/Flex System. On Monday morning, February 16, we took the wraps off the new system at the 2009 WPPI Convention. Gagasville. What, you’ve never heard of Gagasville? That’s where photographers go when they go ga-ga. Now, we really had our work cut out for us. Fast forward to today and let’s bring you up to date as we prepare to re-enter the earth’s atmosphere. Mini, Flex…you rock!

2 Responses

  1. Uh, I assume Gnome, Alaska was an intentional misspelling? If not, it’s spelled Nome.

  2. You’re right! We were hoping the photo store there would catch it 😉

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