David Guy Maynard Video: “Oh my…smokin!”

We hope David Guy Maynard would react when forced to photograph stunning Jamillette Gaxiola (Miss Cuba 2009) at this year’s WPPI show in Las Vegas. But if you view the video (below) of David putting the new Mini/Flex system through the paces, you understand why. “The blacks are coming out,” he says. “Dark hair. Dark clothes. Under a canopy in a rainstorm in full e-TTL. That is what TTL is supposed to give me!” David is an award-winning, internationally published photographer who also holds seminars in Studio and Location Lighting, Color Management and Workflow. Check it out and see David work magic with PocketWizard TTL! More at PocketWizard.com

3 Responses

  1. with 1/500 full output and iso50 from 5d II, how many
    580ex II, will be required to over power the sun?

    i knew some strobists use up to 20*sb600, i could not afford 20 anyway.

  2. sweet this one was a good one.

  3. when bh will ship it: Depends on your subject and how close the flash is to them, as well as the environment. Only need to overpower the sun specifically on your subject for the exact lighting effect you want!

    This setup here, for example, uses a single 580EX II:


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