Kevin Jairaj Video: “I Tell You, I Could Love These Things!”

Kevin Jairaj wins more awards than our cat has fleas, and he tours the country, speaking on a seemingly non-stop schedule. You’d think he was a politician. But, no, he’s better than that. He’s one of the finest wedding photographers doing local (Dallas, TX) and international destination weddings today. At WPPI this year, Kevin was, in his words, “we were kinda’ just running and gunning – shooting with some cool backgrounds and a girl and we got some really cool stuff” [thanks, reader Danno!] His secret? PocketWizard MiniTT1 and FlexTT5. Find out how here and see the beautiful results. See more at

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  1. when will bh ship it?
    hope pw can add hss to white lighting and alienbee too

  2. i think it’s great that kevin jairaj likes using the units, good for him. given that this short video isn’t exhaustive, or meant to be, but there’s a few things that have me left stumped.

    1) you quoted him incorrectly. twice. if you are going to say “in his words” maybe you should actually use HIS words. what you put:
    “running and gunning with a cool background and a beautiful girl. And, wow, we got some terrific stuff!”
    what he said:
    “we were kinda just runnin and gunning shooting with some cool backgrounds and a girl and we got some really cool stuff”. minor thing, but helps with the whole ‘credibility’ aspect.

    2) the naming is just confusing. sounds like something that is named from sony or samsung. and why is there a tt1 and a tt5? any clarification on what the 1 and the 5 mean, represent? i’m lost and confused.

    3) what separates these units from any other trigger? there wasn’t anything mentioned about ettl, their effectiveness, what they do better than others or what they lack compared to others.

    again, i understand that this isn’t a video meant to explain everything about the products, but my comments apply to this video as well as the products themselves outside of this video presented.


  3. and then you just delete my comment? wow. let’s see if some of the blogs would love to pick this up.

  4. Hello, Danno:

    We sent you an email, too. As mentioned – comments are moderated on our blog, and don’t go live without review. Too much comment spam from bots about v|8gra these days.

    Copy changed appropriately above – thanks for pointing out our error 🙂

    I’ll leave the tech questions to Patrick in the morning.

    Matt Hill

  5. and thank you for the correction about posts being moderated, i didn’t receive a warning when i posted. thanks for correcting me 🙂


  6. When do you people sleep? What am I saying, I don’t sleep either… 😛

    when bh will ship it: As soon as they have it. We recently posted a news item about the pause in shipping here:

    (look at the last paragraph – and on the subject of not sleeping, we’re working hard to get these out to you folks ASAP! Getting CDs in the box is the last hurdle.)

    danno: The letters and numbers are meant to imply a system. Someday there may be a MiniTT2 or a MacroTT3 or a FlexityFlexTT9 or something. Those are totally made up product names on the spur of the moment to illustrate a point. We tried to develop a system that gave us room to grow and linked products together. Just “Mini” and “Flex” don’t do that for a forward thinking product path. Product naming is hard. I don’t claim we nailed it, but we are happy with it. Sorry for the confusion!

    What separates these units out? A lot! Our methodology is different than anyone else – we grab and interpret the communication between the flash and camera. This is fundamentally harder than any other method but also results in some powerful features that are simply impossible otherwise.

    We generally don’t get into blow-by-blow comparisons. We may someday post a side-by-side, but right now we are focused on our own products.

    If you have specific questions, I can answer them!

  7. march25update gave a lots of good news. further, maybe pw can start to support sigma 530 super and nissan 622 in slave mode. i no need this 3rd party flash to work as master.

    however, if they could work in slave mode with flex tt5 will means i will not only use 3 flashes, but i will be able to afford to use 10 flashes at the same time. that will be great.

  8. At this moment only the E-TTL II flash models we list in our compatibility section are supported when used in the top shoe of a MiniTT1 or FlexTT5. We expect to add more E-TTL II flashes over time to top shoe compatibility, including 3rd party flashes.

    The manual triggering circuit (P2 on the FlexTT5) is based on our tried and true triggering formula carefully developed over the years and should be able to trigger those flashes manually. That latest firmware update allows for these flashes to be triggered manually in the top shoe more easily, but E-TTL II for these 3rd party brands is still a work in process.

    Hopefully we’ll get those Sigma flashes working someday!

  9. hey there kinda weird w/two dannos on here. but i do have a question in regard to setting up the sekonic l358 w/pw transmitter.
    i have 1 tt1 & 2 tt5’s
    from what ive done. ive set up config 2 on all 3 units.
    on the tt5’s
    from channel tab
    control tx channel 2
    standard tx channel 25
    uncheck controltl for rx channel
    controltl rx channel goes to 20? & is grayed out
    standard rx channel 25
    in my minds eye. that way both the tt5 can talk to each, recieve from each other as well.

    then on the sekonic l358 set the channel to 25, then also set it to group a.

    then on the tt1
    config 2
    controltl tx channel 1
    standard tx channel 25

    so w/this everyone talks in standard tx on channel 25a
    but i lose controltl all together b/c that option is grayed out on the tt5 config menu. can i set all to controltl channel 20 and get control tl back all in one config? will this be in an update? why is it grayed out?

    so big picture wise. as of now im seeing
    config 1 as my controltl option w/my 580ex & exII
    config 2 as my straight manual option. alienbees & sekonic l358 access.

    am i doing this right? i love the fact these are stackable it makes going to the usb option so much more easier. plus the fact you can go back and forth in my pc room appears sweet.

    please rsvp

  10. danno the real danno:

    Seems like you’re doing it right.

    The FlexTT5 and MiniTT1 transmit on both a ControlTL *and* a Standard channel simultaneously. (see caveats below)

    The FlexTT5, however, can only listen on one or the other, not both simultaneously. You could set C.1 to listen on a ControlTL Channel and C.2 to listen on Standard Channel if you wanted.

    So that’s how it works. That’s why it grays out when you toggle that switch. It is part of the design constraints of the system.

    The Sekonic can only trigger on Standard channels.

    caveats: Standard Channels cut out at 1/640 and faster when HSS is engaged. If you turn off HSS in the Utility, you can get Standard Channels triggering with HyperSync all the way to 1/8000, but you lose HSS on your Speedlites.

    If you want HSS AND you want to trigger your Alien Bees all the way to 1/8000 you can by just simply using ControlTL channels. But then you can’t use the Sekonic as the trigger. You have to decide which feature set is more important to you. Manual triggering with the Sekonic, or the ControlTL feature set.

    Patrick from PocketWizard

  11. At minimum, it will carry us through until LPA Design’s own more complete shielding product comes available.

    just read this off rob gailbraiths blog.

    so what is he talking about? what do they look like. what is an anticipated release date? how much or are they free to us first buyers? will they come standard with new units?

    in the mean time wrap my gear in a vielshield wrap?


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