Alycia Alvarez Video: What kind of photographer makes wild noises?

Actually, there are two kinds. One photographs animals. One photographs babies. Riverview, FL-based Alycia Alvarez is in the latter category. And, to say the least, she is really hitting her stride. As she points out in her blog she photographs “rattles to rings” i.e. babies to seniors to weddings. At the recent WPPI, Alycia used the new MiniTT1 and some Profoto ComPact R units to capture the warmth, smiles and cuteness of babies. See how she does it and ask yourself, “can you make noises like that?”

Head over to to see her gearbox, some bird’s-eye views of the lighting and quotes from Alycia.

4 Responses

  1. may have a video to teach us how to blend manual flash (ambient light) with ttl flash(fill light)?

  2. @when bh will ship it:

    Funny you should ask! We’re hot on the trail of making instruction videos as we speak 🙂 And, that is one of the topics! You’ll see it in the not-so-distant future, and here on the blog, for sure.

  3. At minimum, it will carry us through until LPA Design’s own more complete shielding product comes available.

    just read this off rob gailbraiths blog.

    so what is he talking about? what do they look like. what is an anticipated release date? how much or are they free to us first buyers? will they come standard with new units?

    in the mean time wrap my gear in a vielshield wrap?


  4. danno: Prototypes are working their way through the process so there is really nothing to show at this time and nothing resembling a hard date. As such I simply can’t comment on pricing or availability, either. Sorry!

    The VeilShield is a very simple option. I recommend it if you can’t do an OC-E3 with ferrite choke.

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