David Hobby and Rob Galbraith Sound off on the New AC7 Shield Prototype

We’re working on a new RF shield to combat radio noise emissions with certain Canon Speedlites. David Hobby and Rob Galbraith posted their insights and thoughts. Both have excellent commentary, explanation and examples.

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  1. Hello

    I understand the RF noise of the Canon 580EXII is in the same frequency range that the TT1 and TT5 use in the US and Canada.
    If the frequency in Europe, Holland in my case, is different on the TT1 and TT5, does that mean I will have no noise problems over here?

    Kind regards,
    Johannes Abeling

  2. Hello:

    The European CE version of our products operate at a frequency around 433MHz, compared to the US FCC models at 340 – 354 MHz. We’ve found that some Canon Speedlites (430EX, 580EX, 580EX II) emit RF interference across the range of the US models. We have also discovered this interference can vary greatly from Speedlite to Speedlite, even between units of the same model.

    While it’s likely the RF noise produced by these flashes will not affect CE PocketWizards to the same degree as FCC models, performance may still vary depending on the “noisiness” of the particular flash.

    Rob Galbraith has an excellent chart illustrating this issue on his website. You can see it at the bottom of the page at this link:


    You can also read about maximizing the range of your PocketWizards on our website:


    Patrick from PocketWizard

  3. When will this be released? How much?

  4. The AC7 is in final design and should go to tooling next week. That puts it about a month away. We are also working on some other solutions that could be available sooner. AC7 price has not been set yet but we will bring it to market as close to cost as possible.

  5. Sad Sad Sad that the TTL Pocket wizards for Nikon have been delayed. I hope they come out soon. ;(

    Till then I’ll make do with my Multi Max and transceivers.

    Bryan Valiant

  6. It’s now August 31 and still no AC7 shields….what’s the hold up?

  7. It’s now September 29th and still no AC7 shields….what’s the hold up?

    How long are you going to make us suffer with little distance and frustrating reliability (firing) using your TT5 units?

    I’m an avid PW customer, but this RF issue, and the extremely slow response for those that purchased your units, well… I’m having second thoughts.

    And, how do we pre-order?

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