Now that’s our kind of vacation!

©Mark Rebilas

©Mark Rebilas

We’re sooo with you, Mark. Time off means doing what you love. And when you’re a photographer…

Check out how Mark Rebilas spends his free time… Remote Camera Triggering goodness everywhere! In the car, by the hummingbird feeder, out ATV’ing… Photo rampage! (and you may remeber seeing previous posts about Mark here and here)


Mark Wallace: On Location with PocketWizard

We’re excited to be working with Mark Wallace from SnapFactory. Our collaboration will bring some great educational tutorials from a great educator, who also is a working pro photographer. Details and the finished tutorials are forthcoming. But…until the finished tutorials are ready, here is a sneak-peek of what’s coming:

Quoth the Mark:

I’ve been shooting a bunch of tutorial videos for PocketWizard over the last three weeks. while we were on location I wanted to give a very quick overview of one of the setups. Here’s a quick one minute video that shows how easy it is to use the new Mini and Flex.

You can see exactly what the flashes are doing by looking at the shot that was taken with Ab, our cameraman, in the shot. The background was much brighter than the foreground and the flashes really make the shot.

©Mark Wallace

©Mark Wallace

Visit Mark’s blog to read about this and more.