PocketWizards Among the Redwoods

The October issue of National Geographic features photographer Michael “Nick” Nichols and a team of researchers and technicians documenting the condition of America’s remaining virgin Redwood forests. Page 128 has a photo of PocketWizards in action. This page on their site features an amazing video of the rig with six PocketWizards they hoisted 90 meters into the giant trees.

©National Geographic

©National Geographic

New Product Updates

We know there are many anxious photographers out there waiting patiently (and a few not so patiently) for the products we’ve announced and have yet to ship. It’s been a busy summer in development and all of these projects are moving along. Here’s an update for each:

ControlTL for Nikon: What was thought to be a relatively quick leap from the Canon version to the Nikon version has taken far longer than expected. The intro of the 5D Mark II threw the whole schedule for a loop as the new Canon required a complete development process of its own for ControlTL – it was not as simple as a cut-n-paste of the ControlTL firmware already developed for the other Canon cameras.

Six months later and with the release of the 4.30 firmware in July, we finally put Canon behind us and switched over to Nikon full time. There is a bunch of work already done, especially on the hardware side, but the communications systems are entirely different. We are making great progress now and we are pushing forward as fast a possible. Our last estimate was for a “Fall 2009” intro and we just might have something by December 20th and make it on a technicality, but it is more likely to be January 2010 for the 344MHz FCC version, allowing for a solid beta test period. 433MHz CE versions would follow shortly behind by a few weeks.

AC7 Shield for Canon Speedlites: The AC7 is nearing completion. Pre-production pieces have started to arrive and we should have boxed units ready to go around October 1st.

AC9 ZoneController: Plastics for the AC9 ZoneController are being finalized now and units using prototype shells have been in testing for a couple weeks. The final product has an expected availability date of November 1st. This little product makes life a whole lot simpler when it comes to lighting control.

And to make things interesting, look for a new product announcement next week for two more ControlTL products (Nikon users – there are multiple development paths, this does not impact Nikon development in any way).