Product Updates – October 2009

Yes, it’s been awhile since the last update and for those that feed off every tidbit of information, we apologize for our silence as we work on the products you are anxiously waiting for.  Here’s what we can tell you today: READ MORE at

And in other news, here is a video from Mark Wallace about the new AC5 Soft RF Shield:

10 Responses

  1. Great to see your continued development for Canon, however your support or priority for Nikon continues to be really disapointing.

  2. Great.
    But how much will that cost us?
    Doesn´t seem like a 2009-type of solution to a problem in my eyes.
    /Daniel (who have the experience of the flash not fireing at numeros ocations with the miniTT1 and Flex TT5)
    PS: Pardon my spelling. I´m Swedish.

  3. I thought these things were supposed to make things less difficult. Do they even have the paper weight version for Nikon yet? I’m a huge fan of pocket wizard, but this project seems to have been a big bust.

  4. so this new filter, can this be rebuilt into the tt5/tt1?
    b/c now it’ll be tt5/tt1 then filter then 580ex2, that is alot of stress just on the tt5 w/moving around and all.

  5. Nice to see the new AC5 Soft RF Shield. Just a quick thought, not sure the final product would have a small transparent plastic window on the flash control panel. It could help to make changes of the flash setting easier.

  6. I still can’t believe that canon screwed this up their flagship #1 flash. I have heard some other bad things about it. They should get new one out soon. More powerfull, like nikon did.

    I use still PlusII and with that setup everything still works fine, but I will be switching to mini and flex to get high sync. Don’t really see the point in TTL, I don’t believe in it, because its not a full auto mode – You still need to place the damn light somewhere by yourself and get great expression from model. 🙂

    But yeah, soft sock is much more better version than the hard one. I would never ever drag that plastic thing with me….

  7. I second having a window so I can adjust the zoom and sometimes the manual settings of the 580EXII. If it let’s out too much RF noise, you can make a little flap that swings up for quick adjustments and sticks back down to a velcro. That way, the sleeve can always be left on and you can indicate that it doubles to protect your flash from scratches. Better yet, make it waterproof…

    Kudos to you for trying to resolve the issue and proactively offering the socks for free.

  8. Ok, I can barely live with the solution of the sock; I understand it and why PW had to go this route. After all, one can’t expect them to refund all of the units sold….though you should; but I understand economics and remedies. HOWEVER, the AC7 should be a heck of a lot less if not free too. We should be options considering WE chose these new PW units even though we have other options. We as the buyers are losing on this 😦

    Unfortunately I have invested too much time and must register for the sock. I appreciate the efforts to fix the problem, but I personally don’t care that the AC7 is not for much less money! You folks owe US.

  9. Also disappointed in the Nikon development process.

    I spent some of the money saved for the Nikon units on the Alienbees triggers and i think i might forgo all pocketwizard products and move to the radio popper for iTTL use.

    I guess i will have some PlusII to liquidate soon 😦

  10. Why is the AC5 not available to the people from the UK who purchased the USA version of the Flex?

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