MWTOUR: Video from Seattle Meetup

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  1. OK. I’m still looking for information on how to set up the MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 on a Canon 5D MKII for remote triggering. I saw the article from Jack Reznicki, but it uses the Plus II radio’s. I’ve seen all of the Mark Wallace video’s, but none successfully show me how to connect them.

    I was playing last night, and got them to work successfully for 2-3 shots, and then I couldn’t get the camera to trigger.

    Any help or suggestions?

    Tom Reiman

  2. Hi Tom,

    If you’re using TTL with your flashes and connecting your FlexTT5 to the 5D Mark II with a CM-N3-ACC cable, there will be a delay between consecutive triggers. It’s because the camera is sending ETTL data to the FlexTT5, and the radio can’t receive at the same time.

    You can enable Basic Trigger Mode on the FlexTT5 to make it act more like a Plus II. This will also remove the delay I mentioned. It’s under the Misc Tab in the PocketWizard Utility.

    -Zack at PocketWizard

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