Simon Gerzina on the Right Frequency

“I’ve been relying on PocketWizards for every assignment I do,” says fashion and portraiture specialist Simon Gerzina. “I have two or three PocketWizard Plus models and two or three Plus II’s. They’ve been great. The only problem I’ve ever had with them is shooting in larger studios to find other photographers using them on the same frequency. That’s a testament to their popularity and reliability. All pros and serious shooters use them.”

©Simon Gerzina

“When I first started shooting I had bought cheaper, low-end gear. I was constantly battling strobe misfires and lack of fires where someone’s walkie-talkie in a hotel would straddle the same frequency my triggers were using. My strobes would go haywire. After all those classic problems over the years, it made no sense to keep using those. I bought my first pair of Pluses probably seven years ago, and there was no reason to go back.”

©Simon Gerzina

“When you’re in the position of having to rely on your gear—when you have the assumption it’s going to work all the time—there’s no other choice out there. PocketWizard is synonymous with radio trigger photography for a good reason.”

Gerzina also uses a Mamiya RB67 a Mamiya 645AF, Profoto Acute2 and AcuteB strobe packs, and Sekonic L-358 meters.

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