PocketWizard Announces 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee for MiniTT1 and FlexTT5

Elmsford NY –January 26, 2010 – In a bold move certifying the performance and reliability of the new MiniTT1 and FlexTT5, PocketWizard® is offering an unprecedented 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee. Photographers can purchase the system, try it out for 30-days and if not completely satisfied, simply return it to their dealer for a full refund — no questions asked.

“We’re excited to offer professional photographers the unique opportunity to try the groundbreaking Mini and Flex system absolutely risk-free” noted Jan Lederman, President of MAC Group, PocketWizard’s U.S. distributor. “Our new 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee offer sends the message loud and clear that we’re committed to our customers, and serious about professional grade performance.”

To ensure the same level of unsurpassed performance to all existing Mini and Flex owners, PocketWizard is offering a free system check, with 24-hour in-house turnaround. Included is a free Version 5.0 upgrade to bring them up to the latest standards.

“Version 5.0 is a very recent development that adds additional features for both new purchasers and current owners”, says Tim Neiley, President of PocketWizard. “A big advantage of the PocketWizard system is the ability for photographers to upgrade all of their Mini and Flex units to the latest operating system by simply downloading the latest firmware from the PocketWizard site.”

Lederman continued, “We are including a performance enhancing accessory, the AC5 RF Soft Shield with units we are currently shipping. The AC5 is a two-piece shield that isolates the RF noise produced by some Canon flash units to provide precise autoflash at great distances. We are also making it available at no charge to current owners. And now, with our 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee, there are more reasons than ever for photographers to step-up to PocketWizard.”

Lederman added, “The Mini and Flex are exciting products. They’re easy to use right out of the box and offer many advanced features that improve the overall Canon flash system performance.”

30-day Satisfaction Guarantee offer applies to purchases made within the USA, and runs from February 1st to April 30th, 2010. For details, go to PocketWizard.com


For more information on this exciting new story and complete product details, please visit PocketWizard.com. PocketWizard, the leader in wireless control and synchronization of cameras, flash lighting and light meters, is made by LPA Design, based in South Burlington, Vermont and sold by MAC Group in the USA and authorized distributors around the world.

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12 Responses

  1. thanks for the info but when can we expect the NIKON version…

  2. How long before we see a nikon version?

  3. Thanks for the comments! We’re working very hard on the Nikon version, and there is no official release date yet, although we certainly appreciate your enthusiasm! We look forward to releasing the Nikon version as much you.

    In the meantime, the 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee MAC Group is offering in the USA and the latest improvements to the firmware show our devotion to making the best products possible.

  4. We follow your blog via RSS feed…have done so for nearly a year. Why? We are Nikon shooters with over $1200 invested in Pocket Wizards. We realize Nikon threw you a curve with the introduction of the SB900, but wonder if the technological hurdles could have been so daunting when Chinese outfits can rush a “Flex TT5 clone-like” Nikon compatible device onto foreign shores within months of sensing a demand from eager Nikon users.

  5. I wonder why they are not offering a refund for shooters that purchased them when they first came out? Because I know at least half a dozen shooters that would send them back immediately. My new, expensive TTL Pocket Wizards are sitting in a drawer. They never work!

  6. @ Zack and Jody: Have you contacted us directly at 914-347-330? We’d be very happy to assist with our issues.

    In addition, the information in this page: http://www.pocketwizard.com/news_events/news/firmware5.0/ is very helpful – having the latest firmware on your MiniTT1 and Flex TT5 units is essential for best operation.

    @Garry – we’re working very hard on the Nikon version, and looking forward to its release just as much as you. Thanks for taking time to comment 🙂

  7. I have been waiting along time to for the NIKON Verson…… When is that coming out. do you think it will be out before april????????2010

    Everything is for canon — start thinking about the NIKON side…..
    Thank you

  8. @ Digital Scott: Thanks for your enthusiasm! As stated, we’re working on it, and looking forward to it as much as you.


    Can we have an estimated time period ? been waiting for a long time now.

  10. @Carlos: We’d love to publish, but at this point it isn’t possible. We are eagerly anticipating its release very much, too.

  11. is that in New Zealand to test out with 30days?

  12. Stefan: Sorry – only in USA do they have the 3o-Day guarantee – offered by MAC Group (macgroupus.com)

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