Introducing Ron Egatz: Profile of the Profiler

We’d love to introduce you to someone you already know, but only by his words.

Ron Egatz writes for three of MAC Group‘s blogs. He brings a multi-discipline enthusiasm to his pieces, and enjoys putting his profiles of photographers in historical or cultural perspective. Some of his favorite pieces he’s written for the PocketWizard blog include profiles of Marc Quigley, Jason Reed and Kevin Bauman. Egatz runs Camber Press and has a book of his own work forthcoming from Red Hen Press this spring.

Egatz smiles while directing a MAC Group commercial. ©Abdulai Sesay,

“I like talking to creative people,” says Egatz, who was first smitten with photography when, at six years old, he used a Kodak Pocket Instamatic to photograph President Gerald Ford. His next camera was a Minolta XG-M, which made him consider a career as a pro shooter. Ultimately, music and literature won out. “Taking photos has always meant a lot to me. I shoot Nikon now, and I love talking to folks who create the photos I’ve been lusting after for so many years.”

When not speaking to photographers for MAC Group’s blogs, he continues his obsession with all things PRS, runs Camber Press, and works on his exhaustive documentation of the sewers of his favorite city, Paris. He lives in a Hudson River loft. His biggest regret is he’s not old enough to have interviewed André Kertész.

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