Five Photography Tips: Troy Freund

When we first published “Troy Freund’s Green Cause,” we were interested in both his shooting and his environmental concerns, which he applied directly to his photography business. I recently asked Freund about his top five photography tips, and what follows are the points he wanted to share with our readers.

  1. When I’m working with people, I try to remember I’m working with their time, not mine. That means I need to be efficient, friendly, effective, and quick. Know your equipment inside-and-out so you can use it more proficiently. For instance, my Profoto and PocketWizard gear is simple to use. I know all aspects of their operation.
  2. Think about what interests you, and see how that could possibly lead to photo-work. I’m interested in sustainability and green-business issues, so I’m looking into that market for work-leads. If you expect to find work, you need to have a “target” to aim at. “Being a photographer” is not enough. I am “a photographer interested in serving the locally-owned businesses of SE-Wisconsin and the green/sustainable businesses of the Midwest.” What do you want to be? Who do you want to serve?
  3. I always start my power packs at the lowest setting possible, and raise the power only as needed. Lower power output means less likelihood of popping a breaker, a quicker recycle time, a shorter flash duration, and a lower f-stop setting (more shallow depth-of-field). These are all good things in my book. I really appreciate the flexibility in output from my Acutes.
  4. Preparedness is crucial. I have to anticipate any problems that can occur and be ready for them. A client will not be pleased if a shoot gets cancelled because I forgot to bring some spare AA batteries, replacement PocketWizard cords or a back-up camera body.
  5. In the end, commercial photography is about customer service. If my client isn’t pleased, I’m not going to get more work. Keeping the channels of communication open and expectations understood are imperative to a successful shoot.