PocketWizard TV

PW TV is a video support blog designed to help you get the most out of your PocketWizard radio triggers.  Since many don’t enjoy reading manuals to find that one bit of information, we’re creating short videos covering the basics and the advanced capabilities of gear.

PW TV is a series of simple in-house videos created to get you the answers you need quickly. The stars of PW TV are our own tech support staff; a group of dedicated individuals who are here to help you find the solutions to your technical challenges.

PW TV is interactive and we encourage your involvement. You can post comments or video suggestions on YouTube.  Vote up your favorite comments and when we see a popular comment or a commonly asked question, we’ll address it with another video.  We hope to have a new PW TV episode posted roughly every two weeks.

Make sure to subscribe to the channel to be notified when a new episode is posted or fan us on  facebook at facebook.com/pocketwizards.

PW TV is just one component of our support program to make sure you get the full potential out of your PocketWizard products. For more support information go to www.PocketWizard.com/support.

PW TV Episodes

PW TV: Intro

PW TV: Episode 1 – PocketWizard Radios

PW TV: Episode 2 – FlexTT5 + Sekonic Meter

PW TV: Episode 3 – Relay Mode

PW TV: Episode 4 – Relay Mode with FlexTT5 radios

PW TV: Episode 5 – Nikon Testing

More to come at: PW TV

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