Alexander Ovechkin vs. PocketWizard

Some of us are old enough to remember the days when hockey players were not required to wear mouth guards and helmets. There were a lot of toothless guys on the ice who had no problems suiting up again and again to do battle with wooden sticks. Bones were broken, noses bloodied, and equipment got seriously abused.

That said, it’s nice to see PocketWizard gear can take any damage the NHL can dish out. Check out this segment from a Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals game, as posted on YouTube by the NHL. Alexander Ovechkin of the Capitals not only scores on Marc-Andre Fleury, but takes out the net cam, remotely fired with a PocketWizard MultiMAX.

Watch carefully, and you’ll see a technician remount the PocketWizard back on the camera. If anyone knows who the photographer is, give a shout. We’d love to credit him, as we do with all shooters who use PocketWizards.

Enjoy, sports fans!

Alycia Alvarez Video: What kind of photographer makes wild noises?

Actually, there are two kinds. One photographs animals. One photographs babies. Riverview, FL-based Alycia Alvarez is in the latter category. And, to say the least, she is really hitting her stride. As she points out in her blog she photographs “rattles to rings” i.e. babies to seniors to weddings. At the recent WPPI, Alycia used the new MiniTT1 and some Profoto ComPact R units to capture the warmth, smiles and cuteness of babies. See how she does it and ask yourself, “can you make noises like that?”

Head over to to see her gearbox, some bird’s-eye views of the lighting and quotes from Alycia.

PocketWizard Flight #17 Now Departing…

Throughout history, photographers have tried all sorts of methods to achieve high-angle photos. 

For really high work, nothing beats a helicopter or small plane with the door off. With a good pilot, a photographer can get pretty much anything he or she desires. Less high perspectives have been achieved from powered hang gliders, remote controlled drones or even kites. When we get down to the 0-75 foot range, however, the normal way of doing things is to rent a high-lift. Either hydraulic or electric powered, it’s not an easy task to get it to the shooting site, set it up, and operate it (or have a professional operate it while you hang on for dear life). 

Wouldn’t it be great to have a tripod that went up 75-feet? It’s actually a reality, as you can see here. Not exactly the sort of thing you strap to your knapsack, but a lot less damaging to the environment than a low-flying helicopter. Frank Siteman, Winchester, MA-based photographer, offers a unique service with the “Luskapod” (our nomenclature). A key element in this set-up, as you can see, is the ubiquitous PocketWizard, to trigger the camera from terra firma. Nice!

Mark Rebilas Goes to Daytona, Misses Prom…

Sports shooter Mark Rebilas, who has visited our blog from time to time, described the recent Daytona 500 thusly: “About as exciting as a prom date with your sister.”

© Mark Rebilas

© Mark Rebilas

Well, at PocketWizard right now we’re all caught up with the excitement of the new Mini/Flex system but we certainly don’t want to ignore the hard-working, dedicated photographers like Mark who not only have to work long hours but sometimes have to do it with the flu and bronchitis. The good news? The new system works with all your existing PW’s. Scroll down in Mark’s blog to see how he set up the remote cameras and how it translates into pix his editors appreciate.


©Mark Rebilas

©Mark Rebilas

News Bulletin…We Interrupt This Program To Bring You….

No soon as we hit the “publish” button linking Mark Rebelas Daytona 500 story to this blog, PW user Chris Jones gave us a heads up to Mark’s recent airplane adventure. Lots of info, fun video and great testimony about PocketWizard giving photographers the opportunity to see the world from different perspectives. Now, back to our regularly scheduled blog…

Professional Photographers Get Warm and Fuzzy Around the Holidays, Too…

Holiday time is traditionally the time of year when families send photographs of themselves to their loved ones. But, hey, what about professional photographers? 

Tuscon-based pro Spencer Boerup, himself no slouch when it comes to a wide range of subject matter (weddings, commercial, portraits and architecture, to name a few) decided that too much time had passed since their own family portrait. So off they went in search of a picturesque background and thanks to PocketWizard technology, pulled off an absolutely beautiful shot. Take a look here.

Behind the Scenes with Jack Reznicki: Remote Camera Triggering

We dropped by Jack Reznicki‘s studio with a camera crew. Wow! First off, it was really fun to watch Jack work. He is amazing when it comes to kids, and you should see him shoot his other commercial work! No wonder he counts former President of PPA among his many accomplishments.

Over on the main site, we have a higher-quality version of this video, plus a great how-to explanation of the same remote camera triggering setup. Link