Into the Abyss, Please


Having worked in the action sports business for a bit, I’ve seen my share of intense photos, but when the new Cloudveil Clothing catalog showed up in my mailbox last week, the cover shot jumped at me.  The shot had been done a thousand times before, but during the day.  Photographer Steven Lloyd had something else in mind when he asked Jeff Campbell to take on Hellgate Couloir in Little Cottonwood Canyon in Utah at night.

Steven aimed two small speedlight flashes at the cliffs that encased Hellgate and triggered them by PocketWizard Plus II Transceivers.  The couloir is about as wide as a ski and was filled with fresh snow.  Sluff (the loose snow that slides with you down something like this – and can sweep you off your feet in a mini avalanche) was an issue.  Needless to say this is a shot where you need things to work – and they did.  This is also one of those photos where you have to remember that the next guy down that chute was the photographer, hauling his gear…in the dark.

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by Dave Schmidt