5 Reasons Why Everyone Will Want the Plus III

Photographysilo.com storyPhotographysilo.com has published a simple list of why “every photographer will WANT the PocketWizard Plus® III.”

It seems shooters everywhere are coming up with lists of their most favorite features of the successor to the Plus II radio trigger.

The photographysilo.com piece was written by Lawrence Atienza. He also appears on the same page in a YouTube video interviewing PocketWizard’s own Dave Schmidt, which was shot at WPPI 2012.

Do you have a favorite list of features of the Plus III? Let us know, and tell us why. You might see yourself credited on our blog. Be sure to include a link to your own site. Thanks!

MAC Group Announces $25 Rebate in USA on Mini/Flex for Canon Sept-Aug, 2010

Wow, sometimes our distributors can come up with some funny stuff!

Check out the video they made announcing a promotion in the USA over on the MAC Group blog.

Hanson Fong Video: From Classic to “Run And Gun” to Documentary…

…Hanson Fong and the new PocketWizard Mini/Flex system can handle it all! San Francisco-based wedding and portrait photographer Hanson Fong goes in front of the camera to clearly explain how the new PocketWizard system is perfect for weddings, where one minute you may be using classic portrait lighting but a minute later chasing the bride and groom like a paparazzi. And, of course, you’re not allowed paparazzi on-camera lighting. Hanson’s results are beautiful, of course, and so will yours if you follow his advice.

EDIT: Learn more about the shoot on our website.

Going Wireless Contest: 4th Winner

And the winner is… Jerry Vo

His website is www.temptingf8.com. (We don’t know if he has vanity plates with the same cute word play, but he obviously should.) Jerry took his model, ifer (pronounced if-er) to an abandoned brick factory. What they found was a fantastic assortment of backgrounds with which to work. Then, to get even more f8full (sorry) they dripped, threw and spattered paint all over ifer and the walls behind her. The highlight of the shoot was when they found an abandoned canoe (a what?) floating in a pool inside the factory. Jerry used Cactus triggers (see, we’re not prejudiced) and the final photos and video are outstanding.

Flickr Set of all the photos
Jerry’s Photo Portfolio
ifer’s model portfolio